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Track List
1.  Blue Feelin' (2:51)
2.  On My Own (3:19)
3.  Mississippi Music (4:07)
4.  The Blues Is Everywhere (3:03)
5.  Cold, Cold, Cold (4:39)
6.  Slidell (2:45)
7.  Pack It Up (4:15)
8.  The Blues Has Got Me (6:35)
9.  Breaux Bridge (4:46)
10. You Shoulda Seen This Place (4:04)
11. I'm Curious (3:22)
12. I Knew This Would Happen (3:39) MP3 version
13. Out Da' Box (3:50)
14. Queen Inebriation (3:39)
15. How Ya Like Me Now (3:26)
16. On The Neutral Ground (6:44)

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One of the strongest personal and artistic statements from a Louisiana artist in 1997-The Robert DeNiro of guitarists; he's played a variety of styles with class and expertise.
Scott Jordan, OffBeat magazine, Nov. '97

Brint Anderson can't be too far behind Warren Haynes on the best slide guitarist list. Slick lines and screaming high harmonics leap out at you in his solos and secretly layer textures just beneath the top of the New Orleans Funk-
Mark Steele, Telluride Daily, March 17, '98

This is great American rockin' music that should be heard by a wider audience. Very highly recommended...
Bob Cianci, River Reporter, Sept. '98

"I Knew This Would Happen" sounds like something Leiber and Stoller might have turned out for The Robins before they became the Coasters; Sure to please...
Lee Cotten, Rock & Blues News, Dec. '98

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